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Pendants – Tiki – Recycled resin

The Tiki is an ancient Māori symbol with various legends regarding its meaning. Tiki, the first man in Maori legend (some say he came from the stars) was respected as the teacher of all things and the wearer of this symbol is therefore seen to possess clarity of thought, loyalty, inner knowing and strength of character. Some say it is worn to help with fertility and can be worn as a good luck charm.
The inspiration for our Mamarua Tiki was drawn from Taranaki where Anna was born & raised even though her Maori heritage is through her great grandfather of Ngai Tahu. Our cheeky Tiki has the pointed head of Te Maunga o Taranaki and a rounded belly full of joy.
The Tiki are also made out of recycled resin, saved once again from the landfill. They are available in 4 colours – Black (Pango), White (Mā), Red (Whero) and Green (Kakariki)

Threaded on a braided cord with an adjustable bead so your pendant can be worn at any length.